The Ryan House Museum

1228 Main Street, Sumner Washington 98390


The historic Ryan House is a beautiful example of 19th-century architecture. It is a frame house built of local cedar and represents the simplified rural version of the classical revival style. The expansive veranda is typical of late 19th century millwork. The parlor, dining room and kitchen have been restored to their 1890s look.

The house's east wing is the original 1860s Kincaid/Seaman three room cedar cabin. After George Ryan bought the property in 1872, he enlarged the cabin by adding a second story. The main section was added in 1885 with wood from the Ryan's own sawmill. This consisted of the entry, parlor, dining room and three upstairs bedrooms. A detached kitchen was replaced with an attached kitchen in the early 1900s.

In 1926, Ryan's heirs donated the house to the City to be used as Sumner's Library. A new library was built in 1979. The house is now home to the Sumner Historical Society while the grounds are part of the City of Sumner's parks.

The Sumner Historical Society's current collection and exhibits include Daffodil Festival memorabilia, historical documents, photographs, family histories, quilts, clothing, tools and other artifacts that have a place in Sumner's history. Limited research is available.

George Ryan was instrumental in establishing the town of Sumner and became its first mayor in 1891. Learn more about the Ryan's on our history page.

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